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Become a Rainmaker

Become a Rainmaker


The only real rule of Canyons is that you have to play by your own rules. Every group is different so every game is different. Don’t be afraid to make the game your own. In fact the more you own it the more fun it is.

This game can be played with a Canyons deck or with any standard deck of playing cards. To play the most simple version just take turns picking cards one player at a time. If you pull a red one choose someone to ask you a question, pull a black one & you ask someone else a question.

The rest of the rules are just to make the game more interesting so it’s up to you how you play. As a rainmaker your job is not to control the game it’s to help the other players understand the true value of the game by playing as openly and intentionally as you can.

There are no points, no winners, & no losers, but you can be good at it if you remember that how you play is far is more important than what you say.

-The Original Rainmaker