How To Play

How To Play

The deck of cards is the River.

Your hand of cards is your Canyon.

The Rainmaker pulls the first card from the River and plays it.

Black cards the player asks someone a question.

Red cards the player chooses someone to ask them a question.

Face cards are magic. They each have their own power.

Karma cards can be given by any player for any reason, at anytime, to any player other than themselves. 

Players can earn Karma cards for their Canyon that they can play for extra turns or bonuses.


The only rule that matters is that you have to play by your own rules.


The Magic Cards

Jack is The Time Traveler

Return to any point in the game. Has the power of whatever the last magic card played. Can also be used to choose to either ask or answer a question.

Queen is The Lover

Black you get to compliment someone. Red you pick someone to compliment you. Easy way to ask for a group hug.

King is The Wizard

Make up a new rule. The rule lasts until the next Wizard shows up.

The Ace is The Philosopher

Everyone answers the last question or gets the last magic power.